Easy Portion Control Strategies – revisited

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In a prior article we explored KISS: Keep It Simple – Strategies. Here’s another heap of helpful hints for sensible sized servings and manageable meal moderation. This article on 14 Ways to Cut Portions Without Feeling Hungry has some fine formulations for furthering food fun … and success.

  • Begin each meal with a 16 ounce glass of water (and start any snack with one, too!) You might be dehydrated!
  • Wear clothes that help you feel comfortable, yet closer to your ideal weight/figure.
  • Fill with veggies! When in doubt … or running a little short of an ingredient … try filling in with more vegetables.
  • Try high contrast dinnerware to make foods to limit seem more conspicuous, and use reverse color psychology … on the veggies!
  • Invert the unhealthy pyramid: make carbs the topping rather than the base!
  • Take … your … time … eating … and let your appestat catch up to what you’ve already eaten … Savor! Slow down! Enjoy!
  • Make high effort snacks more available: “munch on foods that require shelling, peeling, or individual unwrapping, … Oranges, edamame, and pistachios in their shells are healthy options.” Place each pistachio a mile apart for optimum results … Just kidding, we just want to make sure you’re paying attention. 🙂
  • Pour a sensible serving from a bag or box; avoid eating directly from the container.
  • Soup (like water before a meal) can provide the fulfilling ‘full feeling’ – make a veggie or broth soup an appetizer more often … or even the entrée
  • At buffets, peruse the entire line up of offerings before loading your plate or tray; load up on the healthy (no-limit) items first then (accounting for moderation and your actual dietary needs) then top off the meal with the less healthy options
  • Use tall glasses with more ice (if you like ice) … for more of that full feeling with no caloric intake.
  • Keep mealtime distractions to a minimum; put away phones, tablets, laptops and turn off the TV; share your meal with a family member, friend or co-worker instead! Make your desk a ‘no food’ zone; saves on keyboard repairs, too!
  • Smaller dishes and serve ware can help, too!
  • Try a flavorful decaf tea instead of sweets for dessert

Happy mindful eating!

REMINDER!!! The BodyLight July 4, 2017 SPECIAL has been extended an extra day! Details here!

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