Healthy … SIMPLE! … Summer Cuisine

tomatoes potatoes chayote - healthy simple summer meal ideasWith the summer solstice upon us in a few days, it’s time to contemplate delicious – yet simple – summer fare that satisfies palate, wallet, and waistline. Here are some example ideas to contemplate … and savor.

From this “Healthy Quick & Easy Dinner Recipes” article, we find suggestions such as:

… from another post (Superfast Summer Recipes):

…  and yet another healthy offering: “13 Simple Summer Dinners“:

Didn’t see anything that sounded or looked interesting in these abbreviated lists? Try making a list of healthy ingredients you love (and hopefully have already in your pantry or fridge – or could make a quick trip to get) and googling those together with the word “recipe” tacked on, such as:

“Tempeh stir fry recipe” which yields results like these … or
“shrimp mango recipe” which provides results such as these …
“hummus polenta recipe” which gives these (half a million!) results …

So, once again, a few minutes with a search engine can provide interesting variations to liven up your culinary routine without breaking your budget or weight loss plan. Enjoy! 🙂

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