How Does Drinking Wine Help You Lose Weight?

Losing weight is as tedious a task as climbing a steep and bulky rock. Alas all the weight loss plans get ruined within a couple of days as these are difficult to follow for a long time.

What is Red Wine? | Nutritional facts about red wine | Benefits of red wine | Some associated benefits of red wine 

But there is good news, yes, drinking wine before bed can help in losing weight considerably.

What is Red Wine?

Red wine is prepared from black or red grapes. The wine gets its much-desired color from the pigment which is extracted from the grape skin that remains intact along with the pulp during wine preparation. 

During the fermentation process sugar, alcohol and yeast are added to it.

The quality of red wine in terms of taste, color and fragrance vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. 


Nutritional facts about red wine

While there are calories in red wine, but these are not as bad as other highly processed food choices. In fact, it has been proved that carbs in wine are good for our health.

It has been proved through studies that the intake of two medium-sized glasses of wine helps in lowering the risk of obesity by 70%.

The benefits of drinking red wine before bed are numerous as it has the following qualities:

a) It is loaded with antioxidants:

It has been proved that apart from alcohol and calories, red wine has a rich amount of antioxidants that help in the removal of free radicals.

These antioxidants also help in keeping the heart health intact along with strengthening the immunity of the body [1].

b) It has resveratrol:

Resveratrol is a plant compound which is highly present in the skin of grapes and berries. During fermentation, this compound is thoroughly profused into the wine.

Resveratrol is one of the most precious compound attributing to high health benefits.

Be it the fluctuation in the blood pressure, improving blood cholesterol levels, brain health or even, managing blood glucose levels, resveratrol helps in its efficient and healthy management. 

c) It has flavonoids:

The flavonoids help in inhibiting the ROS (reactive oxygen species). Hence it helps to give protection against the harmful effects of UV rays.

The nutritional value of red wine depends upon the amount of alcohol and sugar in it.

The calorie count in 100 ml red wine varies between 50 and 85.

Some of the other minerals present in red wine are fluoride, manganese, phosphorus, iron, potassium, vitamin B6 and B12, and choline.

Moreover, diet wine has fewer calories, hence, it helps in quick weight loss.

Benefits of red wine

Some of the key benefits of red wine are as follows:

A) The Red wine can help in lowering the risk of diabetes.

B) Red wine can help in lowering the chances of Alzheimers and heart disease.

C) A glass of Red wine also helps in losing weight.

The numerous health benefits of red wine are recognized through research by the University of South Carolina undertaken by Shannon Margon Anfindsen in May 2015.

Following are some associated benefits of red wine:

1) It helps in improving our heart health:

Due to the presence of antioxidants, it is extremely good for our heart. It helps in improving good cholesterol (HDL) [2].

The presence of resveratrol helps in given protection to the inner linings of the blood vessel and it also lowers the chances of blood clots.

It activates a protein, sirtuin 1, which gives protection to the heart against inflammations.  Besides this, drinking wine helps you lose weight also.

2) It helps in fighting diabetes:

It has been shown through studies that red wine helps in lowering the risk of cardiometabolic in those suffering from type-2 diabetes.

The presence of phenols and phenolic compounds helps in metabolizing the body glucose.

You will be surprised to know, that the presence of resveratrol helps in curbing the spikes and lowering the blood pressure levels.

It has been found that who consume red wine in moderate amounts get 30% protection against inflammation.

3) It helps in raising Omega 3 fatty acid:

Due to the high level of omega 3 fatty acids, the person gets protection against the coronary heart diseases.

What the red wine mainly does is that it helps in raising the omega 3 fatty acids in our plasma and RBCs (red blood cells). Hence, drinking wine is very beneficial [3].

4) It supports anti-ageing:

You will be glad to find that red wine helps in anti-ageing.  As it is rich in antioxidants such as resveratrol, flavonoids, and tannin, it helps in restoring collagen and elastic fibre for fighting against ageing.

The added advantage is that the presence of polyphenols will help in giving you an instant glow by transforming the dull complexion.

5) It helps in preventing breast cancer:

Normally, it has been found that consumption of alcohol helps in aggravating the growth of cancer cells in the woman due to high estrogen level.

However, the presence of the AIs (aromatase inhibitors) in red wine lowers the estrogen levels and increasing the testosterone as the woman progress towards menopause.

6) It helps in preventing obesity:

Red wines are proved to be excellent weight loss drinks. The presence of resveratrol in red wine helps in catalysis of turning the bad fat into good brown fat (which helps in burning the calories and is known as beige fat).

There is a close relationship between red wine and weight loss. It also helps in the oxidation of the dietary fats and prevention of the body getting overloaded.

As good brown fat helps in burning of heat, it helps in preventing obesity as well as metabolic dysfunction. The benefits of drinking wine before bed lead to weight loss.

7) It helps in preventing sunburn:

It helps in preventing us from the harmful UV rays and can help in preventing severe sunburn. UV rays lead to activation of ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species) which oxidize DNA, fats etc.

This process results in the stimulation of other enzymes that can be extremely harmful to the skin. However, the presence of flavonoids helps in restricting the ROS in the skin which is exposed to harmful UV rays.

8) It helps in boosting brain health and lowering the stress levels:

Although the molecules of the wine are tasteless, yet, it helps in stimulating the brain to get those sensations which help the grey matter of the brain to work harder, hence it helps in improving the brain health.

The presence of resveratrol red wine helps in stimulating a stress response gene that helps in protecting our DNA when we are stressed.

9) It helps in skin treatment:

The antioxidants laden red wine can be used to make face packs for treating skin problems such as wrinkles, acne, and blemishes.

Its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory property helps in repairing skin damage and preventing the occurrence of wrinkles.

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